How it feels for me


Pop-up-poetry 1

Two weeks ago, unbeknownst to me, someone finds a Pop-Up-Poem in a Kelowna neighbourhood park, and posts a photo to twitter. A few days later my phone rings. A journalist, who sees the tweet, calls to ask if she can meet me to talk about pinning and busking poetry. Alya Ramadan, co-host of CBC Radio Daybreak South, wants to interview me!

And how it feels is immediate and surreal-gripping-tilt-anxious-headwhirl-voice-whispers-you-don’t-deserve-this. Yes, that’s what I hear. While I know I’m heading somewhere and poetry is involved, part of me resists being sure, or saying I’m sure. Some days I feel like a fraud. Some days I think I know, but to get on air and say anything certain… how could I do that?

Fast forward… process thinking… consider options… recognize and tell myself this truth… The interview on CBC is affirmation what I do matters. Why not embrace the amazing things that sometimes find us, and with humility and abandon, keep stepping forward. Yes, why not!

The interview aired this morning at 7:40 am. As you will hear, Alya Ramadan did an amazing job creating something fluid and interesting. I sound happy, sincere, yes, even sure. And I love the song choice, Pop Goes the World!

Listen to the full CBC piece here.

You could say I had my 15 minutes of fame and it’s done. Or, it could be another portal is opening in this wild and unexpected adventure called life.

Ever mindful,



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