April is National Poetry Month


Yes, indeed it is.:)

Inaugurated in 1996 by the Academy of American poets, National Poetry Month has Canadian content. According to Wikipedia, Canadians have been celebrating National Poetry Month since 1999. A young and growing month long word party where poets and poet lovers offer up books, readings, galas, festivals, and workshops… even postage stamps (USA) have been issued to mark the contributions of poetry to culture. GO POETS!

Pop-Up-Poetry thinks a Kelowna celebration is in order, and is popping up in and around town every other day with randomly spontaneous postings of poems on trees, benches, walls, fences, garbage cans and hoods of cars. People are seen reading said poetry. People are overheard saying thank you. People contacting PUP say this is a good idea.

PUP is excited/affirmed/overjoyed/ less lonely happy to know that people really do like poetry 🙂

Here are a few photos of poems popping up as they should, where the wild things are.



Pop up poem 1 pop up poem 1a pop up poem 3


9 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month

  1. I followed a link from a gal that doesn’t really like poetry…. 🙂 Love the idea of poetry popping up in the wild. Maybe I need to post a few random poems in my neighborhood. This would be so fun for a school teacher to encourage their students to write.

  2. Hey Sadie… thanks for coming by. One of my postings was outside my kids school today… hoping it would be inspiring to students. I think random posting is cool because it doesn’t promise anything, doesn’t cost much (just a bit of courage) and most of all… it’s about that one person who might read it and smile. That’s enough for me. I say, GO FOR IT!!!

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