What say you?

Performance poetry 2005 #9

Performance poetry 2005 #9 (Photo credit: Clint Gardner)

Performance poetry 2005 #7

Performance poetry 2005 #7 (Photo credit: Clint Gardner)

Performance poetry 2005 #14

Performance poetry 2005 #14 (Photo credit: Clint Gardner)

So, now that I’ve tried a couple of variations on the theme of popping up, and now that it’s winter and very cold and icy and not the best conditions for street artists, I’m wondering what your opinion is. If given the option of receiving the spontaneous gift of poetry up close and personal, would you;

1. prefer to see some indication of professionalism, like a sign, or a business card, or a published book perhaps, to indicate that the person reading poetry to you isn’t a complete nut job? (ok, well, just because one has a business card, does not mean they aren’t a nut job, but at least they took the time to present themselves in a positive way, right?)

2. keep it casual, eyes up, smile on face, poet walking up to you and asking the simple question, “could I read you a poem today?” and you stopping on your way and listening for a while, attentive look on your face?

3. be more structured, like a lecturn or a podium that said poet reads from (with a sign), therefore offering a buffer between you and them, and the option to pass on by if they continue to read just a wee bit too long?

4. happen upon poetry spontaneously placed in the environment, with no poet attached, and be allowed the opportunity to enjoy without the pressure of the smile, or the voice, or the book, or the business card (like the wonderful examples in the photos of Clint Gardner)?

5. all of the above, at various times and in appropriate ways?

6. none of the above, I just don’t prefer poetry.

Please respond in the comments with your vote and your comments. Thanks! If you like what you read,  PLEASE COMMENT AND VOTE!!!

I think it’s time to hit the streets as soon as the mercury rises above, let’s say 10 degrees C on a day with no wind and perhaps a little bit of afternoon sun. Yes, I sense a wee bit of stir crazy setting in!

I’ll be seeing you,

Lesley-Anne, SDG, Pop-Up-Poet


9 thoughts on “What say you?

  1. Who cares!? Poetry is like the sower of seeds, casting about beauty wherever it goes. We have a “Poetry Pole” in Yakima upon which poets print off and affix poetry. It is then finely weathered as it osmoses into an art thirsty universe.

  2. Sue

    I think 4 is cool – you just happen to find it..but that’s not likely to happen..or 3 – structured – like when a friend invites you. Asking a total stranger to read a poem to them is a bit quirky..I think I would say no..

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